India's Top Hacker with Multi Skills in 2022 | G. satya sai

"I AM G SATYA SAI. I AM COMPUTER HACKER, CYBER CRIME INVESTIGATOR, WEB DEVELOPER. I HAVE MANY YEARS OF EXPERTISE IN CYBER SECURITY AND I am a whitehat hacker and cybersecurity expert with experience in various areas of the industry. I have been hacking for over 5 years and have the skills to break into any website, database, or computer system.
A data-driven cybersecurity professional with a background in computer science and mathematics, I leverages a diverse knowledge base of security concepts to assess and prevent cyber risks.
I have been interested in Computer and Cyber Security since my school days. My passion is to protect you from the dark side of the internet.I have a vast experience in the field of Cyber Security and NCC Intruder Detection, Cyber Crime Investigation, Ethical Hacking, Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering, Social Engineering

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